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This blog is dedicated to Bitcoin.
Some articles are technical and teach people how to write programs with Bitcoin.
Other are just my opinions on various topics I consider important.

// Recently I am not writing that much. The "Videos" section is probably more active & interesting.

About Me

My name is Aleksandar Dinkov and I am a Software Engineer from Bulgaria.
I am a bachelor of "Busyness Informatics" at UNWE, and a student of Telerik Academy, where I graduated with near perfect results.
When I graduated, I started work at Milestone Systems as a Software Developer in the Test Automation team. There I learned about quality assurance, end-to-end automation, automation of virtualization services, automation of installation and setup on multiple dependent machines, and working in constant communication with other teams. Later I switched to fully automated large scale testing, which includes scaleability testing, stress testing, stability testing, performance testing and so on.
I became active in the cryptocurrency world in early 2017.
In 2018 I organized the "Bitcoin Cash Sofia Meetup" - a monthly event with discussions on different topics.
I also created a YouTube channel about Bitcoin and a blog about programming with Bitcoin.

Contact me by Phone : +359 883 33 20 88


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Why Bitcoin Cash ??

I am a Bitcoin Cash fan for a simple reason - so far it is the only cryptocurrency that matches my criteria of revolutionary money.

If your coin's creator ever minted & sold sold coins to the community to raise funds
- it is Not the future of money.

If the creators kept any percent of the coin, without earning it like everyone else
- it is Not the future of money.

If your coin has any rules in it's code about individual people or organizations
- it is Not the future of money.

If your coin doesn't work when 100 people use it every second
- It is Not the future of money.

If your coin's main usage is not to pay for stuff
- it is Not the future of money.

If your coin's full code is not open source
- it is Not the future of money.

If I need somebody's permission to use it
- it is Not the future of money.

I choose Bitcoin Cash because so far it is the only coin I know of that does not break any of these rules.
There might be others that have the chance as well, but until they gain enough traction to compete I am going to stick to Bitcoin Cash

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